World's best Spa brands - Products you should try

A spa offers you the opportunity to have access to a wide variety of treatments and activities focused on promoting wellbeing and a relaxing state. One of the specialties of these health resorts is skin care, since they aim to make you feel great and look wonderful. The secret for their success is that they only use the best brands for their therapies.

Leading brand for spa services

QMS Medicosmetics is a specialist in facial care products made with revolutionary formulations. Organic Pharmacy is recognized for its 100% natural treatments. Both brands are present on every first-class Spa center that offers a variety of facial and body therapies.

beautiful skin

QMS Medicosmetics products have gained the preference of many renowned health resorts due to their high quality. This company has earned two years in a row the award as the World’s Best Spa Brand. Its treatments are characterized for combining effective ingredients like fruit acids and collagen.

Organic Pharmacy opened its first shop in 2002 gaining in a short period of time the preference of London community. The founders of this company are specialized on homeopathy, a skill that allows them to formulate products based on herbal extracts for cutis rejuvenation.

Effective products for skin care

QMS Medicosmetics focuses on the development of products capable of producing lasting effects. Their formulations work on skins with an uneven tone. Given their scientific foundations, results provided by them are free from noxious outcomes like cracking or bleeding attributed to other brands. This company has released a Complete Care Nutrition Pack which aims to delay aging process.

Organic Pharmacy has combined a variety of herbal principles on each product. They work from the deepest layers of skin and have a high content of nutrients and vitamins that promote cellular regeneration of dermal tissue. That is the main feature of its rejuvenating treatments.

However, Organic Pharmacy also offers a Detox Cellulite Body Oil. This product combines ingredients like grapefruit and juniper which work removing fat from subcutaneous layers and regenerating their connective tissue.